SK says:
April 12th, 2007 at 11:41 am

Hi Doc,
I’m 30 years old, female, 153cm and weight 44kg. My problem is that, I have constipation and lots of wind. I think I have indigestion. The wind will usually make my stomach bloated and sometimes I will have headache. Other than that, I wake up feeling tired and not rested. Any products that you would recommend me? My legs and back are weak too.
My menses is accurate but I experience stomach cramp (mild) every month. I take Ba Zhen soup and Ming Zhu Bai Feng Wan every month for 5 consecutive days after my menses stop. What is the difference between your many types of Bai Feng Wan? Which is best for me?
Please advice. Thank you.

Chinese Physician answer:

Thanks for visiting our website.

1. You can buy “Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan - 香砂养胃丸” and “The Five Elements Bowel-Ease Vegecapsule – 便秘舒胶囊” from our Hai-O Chain Stores. Consume both medicines. Eat more vegetables, fruits and also exercise more.
More Info: Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan (concentrated pills) 香砂养胃丸浓缩

2. All types of Bai Feng Wan are efficacious. Peking Tongrentang Brand Te Xhi Bai Feng Wan and Hai-O Ming Zhu Bai Feng Wan are of high quality and efficacy, and are more popular among consumers.

More Info:

> Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan 同仁堂特制白凤丸

> Ming Zhu Bai Feng Wan 明珠白凤丸

3. You can also visit Sanjiu Hai-O TCM (M) Sdn Bhd for consultation. Tel: 603-92837200


Bibi Cheah says:
June 6th, 2007 at 10:59 am

Dear Doctor,


I have a serious constipation problem. What should I do?

Chinese Physician answer:

Thanks for visiting our website.

1.The general condition of constipation is having dry faeces, difficulty in having bowels, and defecation only once in two or three days and even in five or six days.

2.For some constipation problem patients, they may have normal bowels but their faeces is dried and hard, or

3.Their faeces is not completely dried but they faced difficulty in defecation.

4.If the constipation problem is kept for a long time it can lead to other disease symptoms, such as bloated stomach, headache, loss of appetite and unpeaceful sleep.

5.You can purchase BIO-GEN PLUS at any Hai-O Chain Store. This product is very effective in relieving constipation and detoxification. It is made from 60 types of organic vegetables, fruits and legume, with high vitamin and fiber content.


Coral Says:
August 17th, 2009 at 6:28 am


I have a very serious problem in chinese call “Pian Pi”. I am so worry b’cos sometimes it take 4-5 days, no matter how many water l take.
Please help!

Chinese physician answer:

1.You can take BIO-GEN PLUS. It is a natural healthy food which is made from vegetables, fruits, legume and so on. It is rich in vitamins & fiber and it is helpful in defecation.

2.Drink plenty of water when you wake up in every morning.

3.Less intake in fried foods.

4.Eat more vegetables and fruits.

5.Adopt good defecation habit by training the bowels to move in the morning as a reflex after morning tea or coffee. You should practise routinely.

6.A prolonged constipation will harm your health. It is important to have a healthy eating habits and lifestyles to solve your problem.

FAQ 4:

ibu Says:
November 13th, 2011 at 3:25 pm

apakah pemakanan produk hai-o marketing yg sesuai utk ibu yg mengandung tapi mengalami masalah sembelit @ pembuangan tidak lawas. adalah lactolite @ garam buluh yg boleh membantu mslh usus @ perut tanpa mengganggu perkembangan janin

Balasan kami:
Nurich Lacto-lite yang menggabungkan yogurt kultur hidup dan inulin, dapat meningkatkan keberkesanan bakteria berguna di dalam badan manusia. Pengambilannya dapat menggalakkan penyerapan nutrisi, mengekalkan keseimbangan mikrob dalam saluran usus, menjadikan fungsi perut dan usus kekal sihat, dan seterusnya meningkatkan daya keimunan badan. Produk tersebut adalah sesuai untuk wanita yang mengandung.

Cadangan pengambilan:
Campurkan 1 bungkus Nurich Lacto-lite ke dalam 200ml air suam, jus buah-buahan atau minuman lain, sebungkus setiap pagi dan malam.

Garam buluh yang merupakan bahan makanan beralkali, dapat menyingkirkan toksin dalam badan, membekalkan minerals dan mengembalikan susuk badan yang berasid kepada beralkali lemah.

Cadangan pengambilan: Untuk wanita mengandung, 1/4 bungkus sehari, larutkannya ke dalam 200ml air suam atau jus buah-buahan.

Sebarang pertanyaan anda amatlah dialu-alukan. Sekian, terima kasih.