May 2019

tan Says:

May 27th, 2019 at 5:43 pm

Hi Doc,

I am facing shrink of breast after giving birth of my 1st child.
I have seek for TCM and doctor checked, said that my body is in good condition.
I also consuming TongRenTang Bai Feng Wan.
Can you advise what chinese medicine to take to increase my breast size ?

Thank you.

Chinese physician answer:
First, is your weight lighter than before pregnancy?

Some people reduce their diet deliberately after confinement to reduce their weight and make their body size thinner. So, the breast will naturally become smaller.

You should take a variety of nutrients in moderation, not too much in diet.

You can also massage your breast every morning and evening (you can refer to the online information), it will help. And, please keep good sleeping and living habits, plus exercise in moderation. Thank you.

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