Jan 2019

Daniel Says:

January 28th, 2019 at 11:32 pm

Hello Doctor,

I’m taking Norvasc 5mg each morning to control my hypertension. I find that the medication is losing its efficacy over the time. Can I take 特级田七精华 at night before sleep to control my high cholesterol and HBP? Is 特级田七精华 suitable for long-term?

Thank you!

Chinese physician answer:
If you found that medication you take cannot control your hypertension, you should seek the assistance from your doctor and re-diagnosis.
You can take the「特級田七精華」after 2 hours of consuming medication. You have to check your blood pressure from time to time to understand your condition as well.
After 3 months of taking the 「特級田七精華」,you can continue to take the「野山泡參田七丸」.

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